Company Profile


Corporate Philosophy

Ohnami Corporation provides the knowledge we have accumulated over time and experience to our society through our logistics business activities to meet the needs of our customers.

To achieve our fundamental philosophy "contribution to society," We have tried and continue to try to raise corporate values, developing vigorous business activities.

Code of Conduct

  1. Complying with regulations
  2. Respecting people
  3. Establishing a healthy relationship with customers and business partners
  4. Proactively disclosing information
  5. Preserving the environment
  6. Living harmoniously with society
  7. Appropriately managing information
  8. Rejecting antisocial forces

Our logo mark


Our company logo and symbol show the Ohnami corporate philosophy.

The number "0073" can be read as "Ohnami" in Japanese, which is the name of our company.

The three lines are the symbols for safety, prompt service and customer satisfaction. The blue represents the sea and reliability.